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How to choose the right bed linen? 

The bedroom is an essential room in the house. The layout of the room, decoration, lighting, bed linen... each element is important to ensure you have a good night's sleep. 

To feel good in your room, but especially in your bed, Imaggo has chosen quality house linen with a pure aesthetic. Finding sleep will no longer be a problem in a soft and comfortable bed linen set. And to add a decorative touch to your bedroom, the bedspreads are making a comeback. In linen or velvet, they will adorn your beds with softness. 

The advantages of choosing linen bedding 

If Imaggo has chosen linen for its bed linen, it is because this material has many advantages. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, which gives it a pure and elegant look, linen is the ideal material for bed linen. 

Bed linen is often abused, as it reflects our changing body temperature during the night, but also over the seasons. As they are washed and dried very regularly, our sheets can quickly suffer from the wear and tear of time and washing. 

That's why, when you choose a linen bedding set, you can be sure that you're getting a bedding product that is :

- Resistant: it is not for nothing that linen is one of the oldest materials in the world. It is a fabric that is perfectly resistant to time and machines. It does not lint, tear or warp. Washing does not alter it, on the contrary, it softens it. 

- Environmentally friendly: as linen does not spoil, buying a linen bedding set is an investment for life. Not only is linen a durable material, it is also biodegradable and ecologically grown.  

- Absorbent: linen is the right fabric for people who tend to sweat while sleeping. By absorbing moisture and drying quickly, linen also protects you from allergies.

- Thermoregulator: cool in the summer, your linen sheets also retain heat in the winter. 

The end of the bed: the final decorative touch to your bed

Forgotten for years, the bedspread is now making a comeback. But what are the advantages of using a bed bumper? 

- It protects your bed linen. Thicker and more robust than a simple sheet, the bed tip is a protective layer for your bed linen. Especially if you have pets or children who like to lounge or play on your bed. The bedspread will then act as a barrier against possible stains, pet hair or dust. 

- It adds a decorative touch to your bedroom. You can add a little fantasy to the sobriety of a bed linen set with a boutis. Made of velvet or linen, the bedspread brings softness and aestheticism to the bedroom, making your intimate room a real cocoon. Very aesthetic, the bed end is the essential final touch for a well made bed. 


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