Porcelain decoration: the new trend for your home?

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Gone are the prejudices that reserve ceramics for our grandmothers! More trendy than ever, porcelain is back in our interior decoration and we love it! Discover Imaggo Production's selection of timeless and elegant porcelain decoration objects.

Ceramics, porcelain, earthenware: a little vocabulary to understand

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between ceramics and porcelain. In Greek, ceramics, "keramos", means clay. This term represents all objects made from fired clay; we find earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The difference is in their colour, texture, firing temperature and strength.

The clay used for porcelain and stoneware is fired at high temperatures, unlike earthenware. Another distinction is that porcelain is a thin, translucent ceramic, but it is very strong because it can be glazed.

The great return of ceramics in decoration 

Ceramics as a whole is a mastery of ancestral gestures. There are different traditions and methods from the Mediterranean basin, Egypt and Japan.

How do you explain this great comeback? The current trend is towards a "slow life"; a calmer life and a simpler way of living. This life is based on handmade objects and traditional know-how. Raw and natural materials are in the spotlight.

Let yourself be tempted by decorative porcelain objects

Porcelain brings an authentic touch to your decoration. Whatever the style of your interior, porcelain is at home! It can be found in many everyday and decorative objects. Choose porcelain plates, cups and teapots for an elegant table. Arrange your favourite flowers in a pretty pastel-coloured vase. For a tropical interior, choose our pineapple porcelain sculpture and our wall parrot.

Porcelain is being rediscovered in contemporary, colourful, sober, graphic or tie and dye. There is something for everyone! It goes perfectly with other handmade creations in wood, rattan or metal.

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